Uganda robusta 15 / 18

METHOD: natural


SCREEN: in accordance with the lettering minimum 90% above screen 15/17/18

screen 18: min 92% milled above 18, max 1% milled below 12

screen 17: min 90% milled above 17, max 2% milled below 12

DEFECTS: dry processed Robusta coffee beans of good appearance for the grade, free from all traces of fermentation, mustiness and other undesirable smells and taints;

screen 18: not more than 7% by weight of defective beans

screen 15: not more than 12% by weight of defective beans and not more than one-tenth of 1% by weight of extraneous matter, shall have maximum moisture content of 12.5%

COLOUR: bright green

CUP: full flavour, spicy

ug Uganda

Botanical species: 10% Arabica 90% Robusta

Harvest: from November to March

Shipment: from December onwards

Bags: 60 kg jute (tare 1 kg)