Tanzania Superior 16/18

METHOD: Natural

PRODUCTION AREA: Bukoka Area (Kagera region)

ALTITUDE: 900-1500 mt

SCREEN: superior: max 5% under screen 16 or 18

COLORgreen - brownish

DEFECTS: without traces of mold, foreign matter, black beans or dry beans. Maximum 30 defects in 300grams

CUP: the cream is hazel brown, without shading. Olfactory examination gives typical sensations of wood and dark caramel, in some cases of dark chocolate.

tz Tanzania

Botanical species: Arabica 65% - Robusta 35%

Harvest: October-February for Arabica, from June to December for Robusta

Shipment: December-April for Arabica, from August to February for Robusta

Bags: 60 kg