Indonesia Java WIB 1


PRODUCTION AREAEast Java, in the volcanic district of Tengger

ALTITUDE: 600-800 mt

SCREENmax of 2.5% passing through a screen of 7.5 mm diameter

COLOR: light green

DEFECTStotal value of defects: maximum 11 in a sample of 300 grams, foreign matters shall not exceed 0,5% by weight and stinkers and mold. The Dutch name WIB or West Indische Bereiding indicates the way of processing developed in the western part of Indonesia.

CUPfull-bodied coffee, with a hint of sandalwood and spicy pepper. The aftertaste is persistent with notes of toasted hazelnuts.

BLENDJava coffee is very much in the espresso coffee blend as suggested by its full-bodied nature. In addition, the screen size is eye-catching, especially after the roasting process and for this immediately distinguishable.

id Indonesia

Botanical species: 90% Robusta 10% Arabica

Harvest: mainly from May to August

Shipment: ROBUSTA mainly from May to August ARABICA from September onwards

Bags: 60 kg jute bags