This origin trip was a real revelation for all of those who have always thought of Brazil as a producer of a mono-dimensional coffee, without any complex, fruity aromas.
The occasion was the Q Processing – Level 2, which took place in Fazenda do Condado, Carmo de Minas (Minas gerais).
The Q Processing Program – divided in 3 levels – was launched by CQI with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and the techniques of post-harvesting coffee processing.
Some producer countries like Brazil are pursuing new fermentation methods (by the way: have you already read our Article about Fermentation?) which gives some in-cup results truly amazing. If you don’t believe it, try our Specialties Brazil Cold Soul and Brazil Double Fermentation.
Here the 15 participants led by Joel Shuler (board CQI) have had to put into practice all their knowledge about coffee processing methods. Divided in 5 groups they had to obtain 5 different coffees, processed in 5 different ways. Who was the best?