Last July we took a journey in Bolivia.
The occasion was meeting with some baristas of the Cochabamba area, who wanted to develop their skills with Alberto Polojac e Davide Spinelli through some courses of the Coffee Skills Program (the Specialty Coffee Association educational path).
Once arrived in La Paz the two were called on also to be judges of the AeroPress Championship 2019.
All around this area you can perceive the scent of coffee in the air, especially in Caranavi, which is considered the Bolivian coffee capital. Here the smell of the beneficios led them in finding new Specialty lots (you can find them HERE). These coffees were then selected and brought here in Trieste. Among them you can find our Bolivia Natural – Gesha variety, produced in Finca Isabel of Caranavi and used for the World Aeropress Championship 2019 in London. The same coffee was chosen by Davide Spinelli to compete in Coffee in Good Spirits and achieved second place at Sigep 2020 in Italy.